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Forward by Judah Smith

We're just eight days away from the release of my book, Finding the Lost Art of Empathy. 8 DAYS!?! I can't believe it!

I got a copy of the book in the mail today. It was my first look at the finished project. I can't really put into words how I'm feeling right now....excited and a little terrified at the same time. I've heard that being nervous and excited is the same feeling. Scientifically speaking, its the same chemical-emotional-reaction (if that's even a pseudo phrase). In other words, being nervous and excited at the same time is not a new I'm not alone in this. 

I'm excited to have completed a big task. I love making to-do lists and checking each task off my list one-by-one and this was a BIG check! 

I'm nervous because this book is basically my heart in ink on pages. It's vulnerable and raw to share your beliefs, feelings, and stories with others. But it is also beyond rewarding when someone connects with your words, your pain, your experiences and says ME TOO! 

All in all, I'm looking forward to your responses, your stories, and your insight on EMPATHY! My heart and goal for this book, is not to be an exhaustive study on empathy, but to start a dialogue and hopefully encourage others to join me in the practice of empathy.

I am so beyond honored that my cousin, THE Judah Smith (New York Times Best-Selling author, pastor and speaker) agreed to write the forward for this book. I'm sure you will enjoy his thoughts on the topic of empathy. cousin tells a story from our childhood in which he remembers the details of a particular event very differently than I do. FOR THE RECORD...I did not laugh at him! At least I don't remember laughing at him. haha. You'll just have to read it to be the judge. 

Tracy xx

Finding the Lost Art of Empathy is available for pre-sale now and releases May 16, 2017 


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